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Creating an environment where students thrive is at the forefront of everything we do. Every day is new and exciting – full of multifaceted learning opportunities. Students are guided to engage in creative challenges, as they grow into independent, resilient and empowered young adults.

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Urban Academy exclusively provides experiences that are hands-on, relevant and interesting. Keeping students’ lives engaging helps them stay inspired and reach their full potential. They tackle real-world challenges like creating a small business, manufacturing and marketing products. The friendships, experiences, creative opportunities and academics that begin here last a lifetime, as every graduate becomes a successful, mindful global citizen.

Junior Kindergarten

8:45-9:00 Arrive at school and participate in parent/child reading before class begins
9:00-9:20 Participate in gathering circle to share thoughts and ideas
9:20-9:30 Read a new book and explore putting together an original story
9:30-9:55 Go outside for recess and enjoy a healthy snack with friends
9:55-10:25 Discover French through story telling
10:25-11:45 Explore time – today it’s science and building a skeleton from clay
11:45-12:30 (Recess) Get outside for free play
12:30-12:45 (Lunch) Eat lunch to refuel for the afternoon
12:45-1:45 Quiet time to relax and recharge with a book or listening to calm music
1:45-2:30 Outside explore time at the park
2:30-3:00 Reflect on the day and say hi to parent, grandparent or the Out Of School Care Staff who come and pick me up

Kindergarten - Grade 3

8:35 The classroom doors open, I say hi to my teacher and bye to my parents and go put my backpack away
8:45-8:59 Participate in Opening Circle assembly with a few different grades to learn about mindfulness and a key community activity
8:59-9:00 Enter the classroom ready to start my day
9:00-9:55 Engage in a story workshop and act out events with drama integration
9:55-10:25 Time for recess, grab your coat!
10:25-11:20 Come back inside, enjoy a quick snack and practice for the spring play performance during Music Class
11:20 – 12:15 Attend IT class and learn the basics of computer coding
12:15 – 12:50 (Recess) Get outside to play grounders with other classmates
12:50-1:05 (Lunch) Reenergize for the afternoon with a healthy lunch
1:05 – 1:15 Drop Everything and Read for 15 minutes to relax and unwind
1:15 – 2:15 Head outside for soccer lessons during Physical Education
2:15 3:10 Complete math puzzles with student mentors during “buddy” time
3:10-3:15 Reflect on the day and say hi to my parents or grandparents who pick me up

Grades 4 - 9

8:15-8:30 Arrive at school, greet friends, put my backpack in my locker and get to homeroom
8:30-9:30 Learn about digital citizenship in IT and research where some online information originates from
9:30-10:50 Head to Photography Class and learn from an Artist in Residence
10:50-11:35 Attend English Class and study First Nations legends
11:35-12:35 Take a lunch break to reenergize and refuel
12:35-1:35 Go to Physical Education to learn hip hop dance and set a fitness goal for the month
1:35-2:35 Settle into Science Class and learn about the environment through a First Nations perspective
2:35-3:40 Head over to Band Class to work on percussion instruments and vocals and test out new approaches

Grades 10 - 12

8:15-8:30 Get to school, greet other students and get organized for the first class of the day
8:30-9:30 Sit down in Chemistry Class to learn about the structure of atoms
9:30-10:50 Attend Social Studies to learn the basic foundations of Canadian Laws
10:50-11:35 Head to Art Class to work on a printmaking project
11:35-12:35 Eat some lunch and catch up with friends
12:35-1:35 Go to English Class to study the historical context of the month’s novel
1:35-2:35 Delve into Math Class and work on integral calculus
2:35-3:40 Finish up the day with a Physical Education lesson in white water survival

Family Commitments

Involved parents support successful students. We believe in integrated education and parents and families are no exception. Urban Academy families serve 35 volunteer hours per year, contribute to our Parent Equity Program and commit to our Code of Conduct. Keeping families linked to their child's education sets them up for optimal achievement.

Our School Community

From business professionals to talented actors and community leaders, we draw on a multitude of skills and abilities to enrich our school community. Parents collaborate and share expertise with teachers to create unique learning opportunities that connect lessons to life outside the classroom walls. Every member of the Urban Academy community is committed to giving students the best learning experience possible.

Community Service

Urban Academy students understand that being of service can take many different forms. Their education includes gaining new perspectives and building character, teaching compassion for others and demonstrating the impact of positive actions. Tangible activities such as community service hours and Community Service Club allow for students to delve into various opportunities. We encourage all students to get involved, stand up for what they believe in and give back to their communities.

school houses

Representing aspects of New Westminster’s history, the Urban Academy house system is made up of four houses: the Anvils, the Sappers, the Hyacks and the Royals. Each house is co-ed and includes members of the student body from Grades 4-12 and faculty. Students from the same families belong to the same houses to keep house pride alive at school and at home. Each house is led by Senior House Captains with guidance from their two teacher house mentors, earning points throughout the year for effort, bravery, spirit and achievement.

Friendly competition between houses fuels students’ passion and ignites their sense of pride. Students develop a sense of team and an understanding of community, while being afforded invaluable opportunities for friendship, team building and commitment. At the end of each school year, the team with the most points is commemorated on the coveted Urban Plaque.

The following house descriptors and cheers were written by the houses themselves under the leadership of Urban Academy Senior Student House Leaders.

The Hyacks
Everyone in the Hyack house will empower their fellow students to become strong, confident individuals, to do a great job in whatever they are doing. Hyacks are always ready to step up and pitch in where help is needed, building a stronger school and a stronger community.

Hyack chant

Ready aye Ready!
Stand up and cheer
Ready aye Ready!
The Hyacks are here!
Leading as one!
get the job done!
We are here to have some fun
Ready aye Ready!
Let’s have some fun!
Out of the fire
blue will inspire
Our sea of blue will inspire you
Show the fire, show the fight
We come to show
What is right
Ready aye Ready the Hyacks are here!

The Sappers
Those sorted into Sapper House are born leaders. They are hands-on, focused and solution-oriented. Sappers demonstrate ability and leadership by recognizing everyone’s diverse strengths, working together as a community to achieve common goals and empowering others to make good decisions.

Sappers chant

Give me a hammer, give me a wrench
Inspiring each other to empower the rest
We are Sappers, we are proud
Sing our cheer and sing it loud

The Royals
Being a Royal means being a cut above - students in this house lead by example and uphold the ideas of Urban Academy education. Royals empower one another to become leaders by listening, helping each other and working together to make a difference.

Royal chant

We are Royal
Strong, brave, and Loyal
Here to unite
And demonstrate what’s right.
Lead with Grace
And keep each other safe
Empower to create
Inspire to be great!
We are the Royals!

The Anvils
All Anvils work together to achieve a common goal - strength and power in diversity. They are highly motivated and inspire one another to exude courage and confidence in all that they do, promoting creative problem solving and diverse perspectives to any challenge faced.

Anvil chant

We will, We will,
Rock you down,
Shake you up!
Like a volcano,
About to erupt!
We are Anvils,
Here to say!
We are gonna lead the day!
Go Anvils!

We built a brand new school

466 Rousseau Street in New Westminster has never looked so good. Through a partnership with Wesgroup Developments, we’ve created a space as dynamic as we are to support our vision and change what learning looks like.

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Real-world learning from the ground up – literally. Outdoor experiences elevate lessons, challenging students to study the world beyond the classroom.

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state-of-the-art facility

60,000 square feet of learning space and 5 storeys of classes yield tremendous learning potential.

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October 22, 2020 Hello UA Parents, Happy Thursday, everyone. It appears that sweater season has arrived. The cool temperatures outside are a reminder to make sure that students are dressing in layers so that they can be comfortable inside the school and outside when they are playing on the decks. The pace at Urban Academy […]

Head of School’s Weekly Message

October 16, 2020 Hello UA Parents, Having the holiday on Monday this week allowed me a chance to relax with my family, and it also meant I had some time to watch Netflix. I recommend Netflix subscribers to check out the documentary titled “My Octopus Teacher”. It is a fabulous story of a man who […]

Head of School’s Weekly Message

October 9, 2020 Hello UA Parents, Our first full week of October is now in the books. It started with World Teacher Day on Monday, definitely the highlight of my week as Ms. MacLeod and I went around the school to recognize each of our wonderful UA teachers in front of their students and presented […]

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Urban Academy students and faculty don't just like their school - they love it.

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Our program is designed to give students ample opportunities to develop confidence and leadership skills.

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Learning here extends well beyond regular class time, allowing students to cultivate their skills.

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We partner an amazing education experience with an amazing before and after school care experience.

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The physical and mental health of Urban Academy students is as important as their studies.

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