Unique Features

Our programs have many features that help develop students in a variety of ways, taking into account both their academic achievement and their social-emotional development.  Urban Academy is proud to offer these approaches to our students, as the results are evident in our academic results as well as the well-rounded character our students develop during their time here.

Unique features

With some of the smallest class sizes in the Lower Mainland, we are able to enrich our program to ensure every student is challenged or supported based on their needs and to the best of our ability.  By offering a more engaging learning environment, Urban Academy develops students in their entirety to establish a foundation of critical thinking, a positive approach to life-long learning and ultimately significant academic achievements.

Please click on the links below to learn more about the ways in which we educate and develop our students, and link their classroom learning to real world initiatives through the inquiry, arts, technology and outdoor education:

     •    Academic Achievement
     •    Arts-Infused Learning
     •    Technology
     •    Outdoor Education
     •    Emotional Intelligence
•    Inquiry-Based Learning
    Community Service

“Urban Academy is a school where you can just be yourself without worrying about what others think of you, they really help you develop your confidence. It has strong academics and the fact that it's arts-infused is awesome!”~ Urban Academy Grade 9 Student