UA Family Commitment

Parents at UA Gala 2016A significant strength of the school is our foundation of a committed and passionate parent group.  Each family contributes in their unique way; however there are a few formal ways in which we ask parents and other family members to become part of the school.

Urban Academy asks each family to commit to serving a minimum of 35 volunteer hours per school year.  This could be helping set up the venue for a school concert, taking a class on a field trip or helping in the classroom in various capacities.  Opportunities to get involved are endless and you can select how you’d like to participate based on your own strengths.  Some families are unable to commit to the volunteer hours, in which case a fee can be paid in lieu. The value of parent participation is significant, both to the student and the parents.  Knowing the teachers, other parents and students that attend school with your child allows you to be engaged in the community and have a better understanding of your child's education.

Gala 2016As part of the student’s enrollment, parents are required to pay a sum of money to the Parent Equity Program that will be returned once the child no longer attends Urban Academy.  It is this fee that has enabled the school to purchase Robson Manor in Queen's Park as its permanent site resulting in security for your child’s education.  The Parent Equity Program is a financial instrument by which the Securities Act provides a means for non-profit societies to raise funds in order to purchase property.  Detailed documentation about the Parent Equity program is provided as part of your enrollment process to Urban Academy, and will be outlined in detail on the school tour.

And finally, we ask all families to sign and commit to abide by our Community Code of Conduct and to encourage their children to uphold the Primary Code of Conduct and/or the Middle & Senior Code of Conduct.