Urban Academy offers educational programming from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12.  All program levels focus on developing the individual as well as encouraging academic excellence.  Urban Academy students thrive in this model and consistently meet and exceed BC's standards for province-wide testing. Though you won't find us on the Fraser Institute Ratings due to our small size, we still do conduct annual FSA testing.  Our results are encouraging with 100% of our students either meeting or exceeding the standardized testing levels for their grade.  Urban Academy’s top priority is to ensure students are not only meeting, but exceeding their academic expectations in order to position them for post-secondary and lifelong success.

In order to enhance the academics, learning at UA is enriched by a series of Arts-Infused activities (incorporating, Drama, Music and Visual Arts). A select team of Art Specialists work collaboratively with the core teachers in creating projects that will add aesthetics and feeling to the concepts being studied. UA also offers French as a second language starting in JK and extending into the senior program. We celebrate the arts through a series of events, like the Winter Concert, The Spring Play, and Artastic in which the all students take active part.

There is also a significant focus on outdoor education, linking various experiences with curriculum.  Urban Academy challenges students and allows them to discover, learn and achieve through those experiences.  By linking physics to rock climbing, health & career to outdoor survival skills and snow shoeing to early settlers, students expand their understanding of the world, and how the skills that they are learning in the classroom apply to real life experiences.

Technology is also a key tool that teachers use to help students explore the world, and thrive in their academics.  With a focus on early learning to be able to establish the skills necessary to use a wide array of technology, students are able to enhance their skills, build presentations, create websites, tack their work in eportfolios, conduct research, and digitally edit music all from their own classrooms.  Early teaching with regard to digital citizenship and online safety is also a key focus while exploring the world of technology.

Another unique feature of the Urban Academy program that coherently demonstrates an environment of collaboration and empowerment as a community of learners, is Opening Circle Time and Assembly held throughout the week.  This is a time where moments of reflection around a set of school values and attitudes are led by the teaching staff. The spirit of collaboration is further lived out through an in-class buddy system, which offers the opportunity for cross-grade coaching and learning.  

For further details about each program level, please visit:
•    Junior Kindergarten (Age 4)
•    Early Primary Years (K-Grade 1)
•    Intermediate Years (Grades 2-5)
Middle School Years (Grades 6-8)
•    High School Years (Grades 9-12)