Volunteer Opportunities

Getting involved with Urban Academy further connects you to daily life at the school and the learning experiences of your children. We encourage parents to get involved and explore their own passions within our school community.

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parent participation programs

School Supply Shoppers Committee

True to its name, this committee helps with the school supply shopping at Urban Academy, including purchasing office supplies needed for administration offices. This committee is also responsible for shopping for food items for various events throughout the year.

*You must have a Costco membership to participate in this committee.

Playground Supervision Committee (Robson Manor)

This committee is responsible for assisting the staff and teachers during daily morning recess from 10:00am-10:30am. Those participating make a weekly commitment, and volunteer anywhere from 1-5 days per week.

In-School Event Committee

The In-School Event Committee is responsible for purchasing snacks and/or refreshments along with setting up a refreshment table at various events held throughout the year. These include but are not limited to the Terry Fox Run, Winter Concert and Sports Day.

Parent Auxiliary (PAX)

The PAX committee plays a key role in the fundraising for the Urban Academy community. This committee plans and runs social events to raise money to enhance school programs, as well as to help the community get to know one another.

Hot Lunch Committee (Robson Manor)

This committee is responsible for the monthly hot lunch program offered by PAX as a school fundraiser. The committee will cook, serve and clean up the hot lunch served that day.

Decorations Committee

This committee is responsible for assisting with the decorations at Robson Manor for specific events such as Halloween and Christmas. This committee is also responsible for the tear down of decorations after each event.

Gala Volunteers

Urban Academy hosts an annual gala which is a wonderful celebration for the community. This committee is responsible for the planning of the event as well as all of the details in the lead up and the day of. There are also significant volunteer opportunities the night of the school’s largest fundraising event.

Spring Play Committee

Every spring, Urban Academy runs a Junior and Senior spring play. This committee is responsible for costume design, sewing, prop or set design, and front of house coordination on the night of the performances.

Camping Support Committee

This committee works with staff to support the Grade 2 – 6 students during the annual camping trip in June. The committee transports students’ luggage to and from camp, and acts as a parent leader to an assigned group of students during meal times and overnight in the cabins.

Facilities - Gardening Committee

This committee is responsible for maintaining the grounds at Robson Manor. This includes weeding the gardens, sweeping the driveway and the asphalt playground area, replacing the bark mulch that has fallen from the playground area, and other general maintenance as needed.

Special Interest Clubs

In order to enrich the extra-curricular activities we are able to offer students, we run clubs at lunch and after school at our campuses. If you have a particular interest or passion and would like to run a club for a term, please let us know.

If you have any questions, or to get involved, please connect with our Parent Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@urbanacademy.ca

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innovation partnerships

Urban Academy is integrated in the real world, evolving as an integral pillar in New Westminster's education landscape.

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school leadership

Urban Academy has a passionate Board of Directors who are committed to upholding our commitment to innovation and excellence.

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new campus

100 Braid Street in New Westminster has never looked so good.

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student leadership

Our program is designed to give students ample opportunities to develop confidence and leadership skills.

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health & wellness

The physical and mental health of Urban Academy students is as important as their studies.

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about ua

This is a place where diversity thrives and students learn to grow.

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