Student Life

Every student has a unique way of learning and their own path to success.  Urban Academy teachers take the time to get to know each student and provide learning experiences that are hands-on, relevant, and interesting.  Students take on real-world challenges like creating a small business, manufacturing, and marketing products.  They conduct hands-on experiments in science and regularly go on field trips that relate to their studies.

UA teachers are aware that middle and senior school years are a time when students seek to be more independent, develop their resilience, and co-create their learning.  They desire opportunities to take initiative and have their ideas taken into account. As Urban Academy’s class sizes are small, they allow students to have real input into their studies, while receiving the support they depend on to be successful.

Students at UA form friendships that will last them a lifetime.  Outdoor education experiences, field trips, large and small group projects, sports teams, class activities, arts-infused lessons, break times and school clubs are times when students get to know each other.  The classroom environment supports risk-taking and leads to camaraderie amongst the students as well as a common goal to achieve academic success.

Students leave Urban Academy poised for post-secondary success, and have a 100% acceptance rate to the schools of their choice.  Their commitment to community and exposure to the arts make them well rounded individuals positioned to become leaders of the future.