School Spirit

Guardian of the Fraser

Introducing: Our School Mascot

With our growing athletic program and the regular introduction of new sports teams, the time has come to put crests on jerseys, give our teams a name, and soon, very soon, paint a mascot on our new gym floor. Therefore we are very excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Urban Academy family, our mascot:

The Urban Academy Lion: Guardian of the Fraser.

Last spring all UA students were asked about the values of the school and its students and what mascot may be most fitting. Themes that emerged were those of pride, commitment, community, hard work, teamwork and courage. Born from these strong values and unwavering spirit, our resulting mascot is a powerful, respected competitor who thrives in community.

As Guardian of the Fraser, the lion defends the majestic working river that spans many of the communities whose families make up Urban Academy. 

Our lion will stop at nothing to ensure that both turf and pride are guarded and defended, and will prevail with dominion over the land!

We are the UA Lions: HEAR US ROAR!