School Reviews

We believe we offer one of the best educational environments in BC’s Lower Mainland, and can be confident in this statement through the academic output of our students.  However an even more significant indication of our success is what the families are saying with regard to their child’s education.


This is what our community is telling us:


"Enrolling in Urban Academy is the best thing we have ever done for our whole family.  Our kids are safe, happy and growing intellectually and creatively.  They are meeting their potential and have good friends with involved parents." - Parent of a Grade 3 and a JK Student


"My daughter moved to Urban Academy for grade 6. She is now in grade 10 and loves her school. She has really blossomed because of the small class sizes and individualized attention she receives from the Head of School and teachers alike. She feels very at home and comfortable in the school and takes great pride of being part of the Urban Academy community. Her grades have improved significantly and she takes a greater interest in her studies than she did in her previous school." - Parent of a Grade 10 Student


"My son has been at Urban Academy for two years and we've been thrilled with our choice to send him there. The Head of School and teachers all take a genuine interest in helping him succeed and the smaller class sizes ensure that he doesn't get lost in the shuffle. He loves the school and feels safe and welcome." - Parent of a Grade 5 Student


"The positive and creative environment in JK at Urban Academy has allowed my child to grow faster than I could have imagined in her vocabulary, her printing, and her confidence." - Parent of a JK Student


"Our girls have been flourishing academically and socially since transferring to Urban Academy.  The school and staff have exceeded all our expectations and made our transition easy!" – Parents of a Grade 3 and a Grade 6 Student


"To say that our son has done well at UA is an understatement! He is far more interested in school academics and extracurricular activities than he had ever been in his former school. The school has provided a nurturing encouraging environment for him that focuses on his interests, goals, and strengths, helping him to flourish. I honestly cannot express how happy and grateful we are!" - Parent of a Grade 10 Student 


"Our daughter is in the JK class, and we cannot say enough good things about Ms. Nadia. She is a true gem and she really starts the foundation that UA then builds on in subsequent grades.  Right from when we first toured the school, we were very impressed with the culture of UA and the manner in which the children are addressed—with respect, understanding, patience and kindness.  The opening circle is key to unifying the school and I love that various topics are addressed, from friendship to public speaking. These conversations challenge the kids to think critically which is a life skill many people lack.  UA not only focuses on the academic educational component, but educating the child as a whole, from manners, to community-mindedness to celebrating our human uniqueness." - Parent of a JK Student 


"Since being at Urban Academy my child's confidence and motivation has grown immensely.  The positive feedback she has received from her teachers has made her proud of herself and given her the strength to work through challenges.  As a direct result of the close knit community at Urban Academy my eight year-old daughter's interpersonal skills with her peers and younger children has grown immensely.  She is growing into a confident and kind friend as well as a leader to younger kids." - Parent of a Grade 3 Student


"Our son has only been at Urban Academy for a few months, but he loves it. He felt immediately at home in his class and is growing by leaps and bounds with the curriculum.  Every new medium for learning—modeling clay while studying birds; wood and tools while learning about building houses; practically every kind of art material while studying volcanoes—has been a great adventure for him. We wanted to provide him with a community of learning as well as a school, and most importantly we wanted an approach to education that cultivates creativity and values emotional learning. We feel we've found it with UA.  Our son loves being a student here and is always very proud to tell people ‘My school is Urban Academy’." - Parent of a Grade 2 Student


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