School Documents & Policies


A number of school documents have been created in order to ensure that all Urban Academy staff, parents and students are aware of school policies, expectations and procedures.  Please find the following documents & policies for your perusal:

Student Handbook: This handbook has been created for students and includes information about everything from school traditions, homework, field trips, guidance policies and so much more.  A hard copy will be sent out to students in Grades Four to Twelve at the beginning of the school year.  Parents of students in Junior Kindergarten to Grade Three are asked to review the handbook with their children.

Parent Handbook: Is a resource for parents that outlines expectations, responsibilities, communications processes and opportunities that exist in and around the school.

Junior Student School Preparation Handbook: Is a resource for families in Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten starting school for the first time and covers what to bring, sample daily routines and tips for making the transition into school easier.

Uniform Manual: This policy outlines what uniform pieces are mandatory vs. optional for each grade for both boys and girls as well as overall expectations with regards to student comportment.

Volunteer Driver Policy: This is our policy on the requirements for any volunteers who drive on behalf of the school for field study or special events.

Supply List 2016-2017: This is a list of items that our middle and senior students (Grade 6-12) will need. JK - Grade 5 student supplies are covered in the Consolidated Fee and will be purchased by classroom teachers.

If you have any questions , please contact school Administration.