The Urban Academy Leadership Team is excited about communicating our future plans and past accomplishments to the wider community.  In sharing successes and challenges and laying out our road map for future growth, we can ensure that everyone within the community has all of the information they may desire at their fingertips.  It also helps new families and other organizations who are exploring opportunities to partner with the school to get a bigger understanding of what it is Urban Academy has to offer themselves, their families and their companies.

Strategic Plan
The Urban Academy Strategic Plan allows the public to have an understanding about our ultimate vision, and what we believe is important as a growing school.  It offers the road map to our future.  To learn more about it, please visit our Strategic Plan.

Annual Report
Every year, Urban Academy reviews our successes and accomplishments and shares it by way of the Annual Report at the Annual General Meeting that takes place every fall.  To learn more about our year, please visit our Annual Report.