My Day

My Day

'My day’ as outlined by one of UA’s Senior students:

Life as a senior student in Urban Academy is pretty amazing. Classes are full of activities and discussions. In science, we just finished creating a 3-D DNA model. The classes can be challenging, but there aren’t too many of us, so the teacher has time to help anyone who needs it.

We also take part in activities that blend two or more classes together. In Math and Art we are working on tessellations. Being able to work on the same concept in two subject areas helps me understand how math can really be relevant, and I am able to see the different aspects of tessellations. We also have opportunities for performance in music and drama, which is always a highlight as we’re encouraged to take risks that I wouldn’t otherwise take. We have Phys-Ed twice a week, and get outside for a break every afternoon.

We sometimes work with younger students, partnering on projects.  We're not a huge school so you really do get to know students in all grades at Uptown.

We have special events that Student Council sets up, like the Halloween dance, Valentine chocolate exchange, and the Spring Fling dance. Every September we do a team building activity - like a trip to the ropes courses or some other challenge that sets the tone for the year and helps us get to know one another better.  We have a lot of field trips, and then we get to go to a really cool camp every spring - like film camp or outdoor education camo.  Along with our schoolwork, we also help out in the local community. The senior students help at a neighbourhood's hot lunch program and we get to learn more about our community. At Urban Academy we feel like a close family.  Everyone knows and respects each other. The teachers are open, approachable, and always willing to answer my questions.  I think the teachers really care about me, they know how to teach me and I know they are challenging me to help prepare me for university. All these things makes Urban Academy a great place to come to everyday!