An Integrated Approach

An integrated approach to learning implies hands-on involvement that brings understanding to life. Being involved in the lessons allows students to develop their skills while absorbing new knowledge. Urban Academy prepares students for real life, and with that comes preparation for the evolved and dynamic careers of the future.

an environment of

Rather than teachers imparting knowledge, students ask questions, determine interests, and guide their own learning.

engaging with their learning

Students share their expertise with peers, teaching what they have learned about their individual interests. From anime to the history of music, their quest for knowledge is constant and limitless. This approach strengthens students' ability to learn, have empathy, manage emotions, and solve problems.

This approach allows students to become experts in the subject matter of the curriculum. Urban Academy students are constantly encouraged and supported to learn more about their passions, and are more motivated to achieve academic excellence when they are personally invested in their studies. With small class sizes, all students and expected to participate in classroom discussions, share their questions and work together to discover new information.

Junior |


Students have the opportunity to use puppets and reenact scenarios to work through social challenges and any peer conflict. They study animals by taking a trip to the SPCA, and even spend a day per month cooking with JK parents and grandparents to learn about different cultures through food.

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Primary |

K - grade 1

What better way to connect students to the real world than to actually bring local community figures into the classroom. Urban Academy brings in police officers, doctors, postal workers, mechanics and other professionals into class to present how individuals make up a community and the vital roles that they each play. Community Service Club allows students to serve those in the community through food making and letter writing programs. Students have the opportunity to explore who they are to gain insight into the world and what they want to achieve with their lives.

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Intermediate |

grades 2 - 5

Urban Academy connects students with thought leaders and experts in their field of interest who can offer information and insights on projects and areas of study. Through a deliberate mindfulness program, students are taught how their brain has been created, the different parts, and how it determines their actions and reactions. There are routines in place that build independence, balanced with "buddy time" with younger mentees to work through through projects, reading and math games and ultimately build leadership skills.

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Middle |

grades 6 - 9

Urban Academy brings students closer to their careers by accessing experts in various fields to learn about real life opportunities. Students engage in projects such as creating a superhero around an element on the periodic table to teach them element properties in an engaging way. They also explore traditional First Nations art techniques, exploring legends and learning from a First Nations artist in residence.

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Senior |

grades 10 - 12

For students in Grades 10-12, connecting education to careers is immediately relevant. Students meet regularly with their guidance counselor to plan post secondary opportunities and learn about the programs available to them. This program also includes discovery trips to post secondary institutions in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. There are significant leadership development opportunities including Leadership Day at the beginning of the year, House Leader roles to help their houses develop house cheers/a house story and opportunities to run intramural games. Finally, Grade 10-12 students can also connect with other youth at province-wide leadership conferences.

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Head of School’s Weekly Message

February 7, 2020 Dear Urban Academy Families, It has been a great week with a lot of activities for students that extend learning beyond the classroom. Our UA Show Choir has been in Disneyland California, working and learning with professional performers. They fly home today, tired and much more learned in their craft than when […]

Head of School’s Weekly Message

January 31, 2020 Dear Urban Academy Families, It has been a wonderful last week of January. The UA Show Choir hosted families on Wednesday night to see the students’ work before they head off to California on Sunday. Our generous audience donated a significant sum at the door that will allow us to treat the […]

Head of School’s Weekly Message

January 24, 2020 Dear Urban Academy Families, It has been a wonderful week at UA. We were pleased to host the ISABC Heads of School meeting for two days this week. They enjoyed seeing our new school and learning about our programs first-hand. We also hosted another very full Admissions Information Evening for prospective families […]

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February 21, 2020

PAX Hot Lunch

February 25, 2020

Gr. 2 “Fun with Forces” workshop

Students will participate in a "Fun with Forces" hands-on in-school workshop.

Students will participate in a "Fun with Forces" hands-on in-school workshop.
February 26, 2020

Pink Shirt Day

February 28, 2020

Gr. 6-12 Whistler/Blackcomb Ski Day

Students in gr. 6-12 will travel to Whistler/Blackcomb by bus, leaving the school at 6 am and returning at 6 pm.

They will need to dress for the weather (layered ski ...


The right education takes your child from remembering and reciting to knowing and understanding.

Stop imagining. Start achieving.

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Urban Academy focuses on creative perspectives in learning, enabling students to develop their own processes.

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We believe that by encouraging children to lead, they will change the world.

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We believe that by allowing children to demonstrate their knowledge, they will build confidence.

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We believe that by empowering children, they will create their own pathways to success.

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We believe that by inspiring children, they will accomplish great things.

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We believe that by following the enthusiasm of young minds, they will open big doors.

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