Learning Styles

Learning StylesOur Inquiry Based approach allows students to work though questions and navigate their subject matter through big ideas and actively participate in their learning.  By partnering core academics with the arts, technology and outdoor education, students link their learning to real life in a multitude of different ways, getting them excited about their education and understanding how various skills link to practical applications.  For further details on the specifics, please visit our Unique Features.  

One of the main benefits of the small class sizes and intimacy Urban Academy is that we can apply learning styles that others are unable to commit to.  One learning style we employ is that of cross grade learningBy linking older students with younger students, the social interaction that develops as well as developmental learning and mentorship skills benefit all ages.

Also, as young children grow into young adults, they are able to learn and develop differently at each stage of life.  We understand at each age level, what students are able to understand and achieve expands, and we give them opportunities to build upon what they have learned, in a strategic and intentional way.  Therefore, our approach in key developmental areas differs from our youngest to our oldest students.  For further details on each developmental stage, please visit Our Program.

And finally we are also aware of the interconnectivity of us all, and hope our students come away from their time at Urban Academy with a global awareness.  Through our focus and commitment to Community Service, UA students enter the world better prepared to face all it has to offer.