Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry Based Learning

The old adage: "Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand" is the premise behind inquiry-based learning.  Inquiry implies involvement that leads to understanding.  Being involved in the lessons allows students to develop skills and attitudes that will permit them to seek solutions to questions and problems while constructing new knowledge.  This is critical in preparing children for the careers and world of the future - ones that may look very different from the careers and world of today.  Our job is to equip them for success regardless of what path they choose. 

Allowing for inquiry-based study also engages students in their learning.  Rather than teachers merely imparting all of their knowledge onto the students, the students ask questions, determine what they would like to know and participate and guide their own learning.  By inviting students into the inquiry process we are able to create an environment of constant questioning, discovery and a foundation for life-long learning.  Through this approach, Urban Academy offers an exciting curriculum with full participation of each student in the class, resulting in academic success. 

This approach to teaching and learning also allows students to become experts in whatever subject matter they are interested in.  Urban Academy students are constantly encouraged and supported to learn more about those subjects that interest them.  They are invited to share their expertise with their peers, and teach what they have learned about the things they are passionate about. From anime to the history of music, scientific exploration and everything in between, their quest for knowledge is constant and limitless.