Head Of School's Welcome

Mrs. BeaumontMaking decisions with regard to the education of choice for your children is extremely significant and impacts the course of their lives and the lives of the entire family.  At Urban Academy, we understand the significance of this decision, and we take the commitment to your child’s education seriously.  

Urban Academy is about recognizing each individual child and coming alongside them to help them develop their potential. We recognize that every age brings with it new stages of growth and new opportunities to acquire new skills. With this in mind, we approach learning slightly differently for every age and stage in order to allow students to work on specific attributes that will position them for life long success.

On this website you will read about what makes up the fabric of Urban Academy, and the adventures in learning that we offer our students. You will see who we are and what we value. You will learn about the opportunities we provide students and where Urban Academy is going. You will also read about what we are and hope to be to the leaders of the future – our students.  

As we continue along the adventure as a growing school, we are excited about our community and those new families who share our vision and passion for education. We are on a journey to inspire young learners, empower them in their discoveries, help them demonstrate their knowledge and ultimately see them lead the world into a bright future.

Thank you for exploring Urban Academy in your own quest for the right education for your children.

Best wishes,

Cheryle Beaumont

Urban Academy

Head Of School