Head of School’s Weekly Message

May 11, 2018

Dear Urban Academy Families,

We have had a wonderful week, culminating in the lovely traditional Mothers’ Day Tea this afternoon. Robson students worked with Mr. McDiarmid to write their own class song for moms and the words to all of the songs were provided for the families to keep. The tea was lovely, the entertainment touching and I hope all of our guests enjoyed the event.

On Monday of next week you will receive a survey from the Head of School, asking your thoughts and feedback on many aspects of our work at UA. We survey on a fairly regular basis – with so many new families we do want to seek your thoughts on your experiences so far as well as gather responses from our families who have been with us for some time. This really helps us respond to the community as we shape programming, communication and priorities for the school moving forward. Please take a few minutes and complete it when it arrives on your email next week.

We are getting close to the weekend when families will need to order new uniform for next year. This is a change for many as we are at the end of the transition year when Cambridge uniform was acceptable for one final year. It is all InSchoolwear next year. There are a few important points to be aware of as we move through May. The weekend for ordering and fitting is May 26 & May 27, which is weekend after next – we are only two weeks away from that important time. We are planning to have families able to come to Robson for the ordering that weekend. Uniform must be ordered by June 30 in order to arrive on time for school opening, so please note that on your calendars. The sooner it is ordered the sooner it will arrive. All students will need their new uniform for September and there will be no more Cambridge pieces after June so please plan to order in a timely way. Please go on our website at and have a thorough look at what is required before that weekend. You will note a wonderful new outerwear jacket available for students as part of the kit for this year. We will be providing a list of the amount and number of uniform pieces that we suggest families purchase. There are sometimes problems with uniform through the week when students do not have enough to make it from one laundry day at home to the next. Since students wear uniform every day and play hard in their uniform, you can expect some wear. As adults, if we were to wear the same item of clothing everyday it would soon wear as well. Having sufficient pieces to allow for reasonable use is an expectation of respect for the uniform. There is a chart of required uniform by gender and age to help families as they prepare to order.

The Grade 6 Ultimate Team has been working hard this season developing skills and knowledge of a new sport. They just finished a playday, playing against other independent schools. Our students did an exceptional job displaying teamwork, sportsmanship and school spirit. We are incredibly proud of the progress they have made this term as they prepare for our final game next week.

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce Karim Merali’s appointment to the Board. The Merali family have two children in the school, one in Kindergarten and one in Grade 2. We are most pleased to be working with him in this new capacity. Welcome, Karim!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of

Mrs. Cheryle Beaumont
Head of School

Posted on: May 15, 2018