Head of School’s Weekly Message

April 26, 2019

Dear Urban Academy Families,

The Board of Directors of Urban Academy is pleased to announce that Heather Hall has been appointed as a Member-at-Large to the Board of Directors. Heather and her family have been part of Urban Academy for many years and this is her second time serving on the Board. The community will remember that Heather has just stepped away from her position as Gala Chair. The Board and Head of School are looking forward to working with her in this capacity and welcome her aboard.

Our Ultimate teams competed this week and each racked up their first wins of the season – they played out at Southridge against a number of other teams and did very well. They are working hard, learning a lot and having a lot of fun!

In this email you will see the opportunity to order this year’s Yearbook on-line for the first time. Families are welcome to come in to the school and order as well, but the on-line option is available and we plan to have it ready to go for May 1. Families who do not order on-line before shipment will still be able to order a Yearbook, however, once the big order has been shipped to the school, you would be paying a slightly higher price along with the shipping cost in order to get your individual copy. The Yearbook is a wonderful keepsake for your child of their year at school so please consider ordering now. I think you will enjoy the collection of memories that have been compiled.
Welcome to Ayla Akehurst, our new Community Development Liaison. She will be working with our team, supporting many of the community events that staff have been initiating and producing on their own. Now that we are growing as a school and managing a space many times the size of our previous ones, we need to extend our ability to manage our community development well. Parent leaders will get to know her. Sonja Kennedy, our Director of Admissions, has the lead on co-ordinating our parent leadership committees and their communication and Ayla works with her to support events hosted by our school.

Ms. Matlin Macdonald returned from Spring Break Mrs. Matlin Kilpatrick! She will be using her new married name at school although it will take us some time to change report cards, email and other places where her professional registration is MacDonald. Congratulations to the Kilpatricks!

Our Junior School will host a wonderful Art Exhibit of our students’ work starting May 14 in our new school space. They will also include pieces from our Middle and Senior students. We will not put the Visual Arts on display at the Fine Arts Showcase at Massey Theatre at the Spring Plays as we have done in recent years. The Massey is lovely but not as conducive to the Visual Arts display as the Anvil was and we now have our own space to enjoy the work displayed for several days. Please take time to enjoy the work when you come into the school, we are most pleased with the students’ art and the first opportunity to display it in our new school.

The Percussion Club is one that always attracts a number of students interested in working with Mr. McDiarmid to enjoy this extra-curricular opportunity. We have spent considerable time trying to fit this into available space and a time slot in the week but with so many other competing demands this term in Fine Arts, Athletics and the current club opportunities, we have not been able to find a spot to accommodate it. We will try our best to make this club a priority for next year’s timetable.

Our Mothers’ Day Tea for JK-Grade 5 moms is coming up on May 10 and we are busy planning a memorable event in our new school. The children are looking forward to hosting their moms that day and we hope all of our invitees are able to join us. Next Friday’s email will contain an outline of how things will work for this event in our new school.
Enjoy the wonderful weather and have a good weekend with your family. We will look forward to seeing you on Monday morning.

Mrs. Cheryle Beaumont
Head of School

Posted on: April 29, 2019