Head of School’s Weekly Message

June 16, 2017

Dear Urban Academy Families,

Please scroll down through the email and note the particulars of the Report Card Ceremonies for Friday of next week, our last day of school for students. We look forward to seeing you at the ceremonies and congratulating our students on their year of hard work.

I would like to acknowledge and honour two of our Board of Directors who are stepping down from serving the Board at the end of this school year. Brian Drummond is a Founder of the school, along with his wife Laura and the two other founding families, the Clarkes and Prahsts. He has served the Urban Academy Society and the Board of Directors for the whole of the 16 years that the school has been established and operating. A central focus for Brian has been the Fine Arts and the Arts-Infused curriculum, a hallmark of Urban Academy. Brian worked tirelessly in the first years to ensure the school was established and fulfilling its mission and vision for students. In recent years he has welcomed new families and Board members to the team to join his work and take the school to the next stage of the journey. On behalf of the community and the Board of Directors, we would like to thank him for his dedication to Urban Academy and his hard work for all of the students, staff and our school. The support of the Founding Families is most deeply appreciated.

Laura Bradley is stepping down this June after serving seven years on the Board of Directors, five of them as Vice-Chair on the Executive of the Board. Laura has provided leadership in the areas of Governance and Nominations, as well as her work on the Executive. She has helped guide the organization and the Board through significant and weighty decisions that have established the successful and sustainable future of the school. Her thoughtful consideration of the decisions before the Board has set an excellent example for her colleagues and new Board members as they join the team. On behalf of the community and the Board of Directors, thank you Laura, for your support of our students, staff and our school. Your contribution to UA is very deeply valued.

I wanted to let our school community know about the complement of new staff that will be joining us next year as we continue to grow and provide more classes, courses and opportunities for our students. At Robson we will welcome Ms. Amanda McCrimmon, Mrs. Mary O’Byrne, Ms. Tessa Burnside and Ms. Diana Leeson to the team. Ms. Elyse Cochrane will be on partial leave and will take on a leadership position with technology in the classroom at UA. Ms. Danielle Fera and Ms. Jovana Petrovska will be leaving us to take on new professional assignments.

At Uptown, we will welcome Mr. Oliver Leclair, Mr. Mike Twaites and Ms. Gemma Galbraith to the team. Ms. Brownie will be taking on new challenges and Ms. Prokop’ev will be on her maternity leave next school year as well. Ms. Karle Spencer will also be leaving Urban Academy after many years of service. We want to thank Ms. Spencer for her dedicated years of work on behalf of our students and our school community.

We also have a couple of our current staff at both sites who will adjust their assignments for next year as the needs of the school grow. Specific teaching assignments and a little background on each of our new staff will be shared at the end of the summer and before classes start. We are very fortunate to have attracted such excellent candidates to Urban Academy. The team of instructors at both sites is very strong and focused on delivering the UA program to energetic learners. We are looking forward to working with our new colleagues and wish the departing ones the very best as they take on new professional assignments.

Have a wonderful weekend. See you next week for the final week of classes for students.

Mrs. Cheryle Beaumont

Head of School

Posted on: June 22, 2017