Tuition and Fees

Fee Structure

At Urban Academy, we pride ourselves on being able to offer families access to some of the finest education available, for a cost that is as accessible as possible.  Tuition fees are set and announced early January for the school year beginning in September.

Please take a look at the following documents for more detailed information regarding our pricing and fee payment schedules.  Tuition is collected - either in full or ten post-dated cheques - on June 1st prior to the September that your child begins at Urban Academy.

Junior Kindergarten Tuition Fee Payment Schedule* 

Kindergarten to Grade 12 Tuition Fee Payment Schedule*

International Tuition Fee Payment Schedule


*Upon admission, Urban Academy requires parents to take part in the Parent Equity Program.  

For students in Kindergarten to Grade 12, this financial commitment is $20,000 per child (up to two children).  For students in Junior Kindergarten, this financial commitment is $5,000 per child (up to two children).  Parent Equity Units are refunded within 120 days once the student(s) are no longer enrolled at Urban Academy. 

The program was implemented in 2005 and allowed us to purchase our current Junior campus: Robson Manor.  For further details regarding this investment please visit our Parent Equity Program Page. 


Tuition Assistance

Urban Academy offers a need-based Tuition Assistance Program with limited funds available for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 (not available for JK or international students).  The Tuition Assistance Application System is an online process that will both expediate and simplify the tuition assistance application process.  The assistance application deadline is January 31st of the year your child will be enrolling in the school.  For more information on the program, and to apply, please visit our Tuition Assistance Information Page.