The Arts

Art Exhibit

There is a growing body of educational research that indicates students in Kindergarten are actually more creative than students in grade 12.  A Queen’s University Study 'Learning Through The Artsconcludes that involvement in the arts contributed to student achievement as much as 11 percentile points higher in math than their peers, as arts experience is said to help develop more complex neural networks in the brain. 90% of parents reported that the arts motivated their children to learn. Teachers, parents, artists, and administrators talked about how the arts motivated children, referring to the emotional, physical, cognitive and social benefits of learning in and through the arts.

Building upon this foundation of research, we at Urban Academy ensure that each student's creative life is developed alongside, and in support of, their academic skills. This means drama in French, conceptual math problems tackled through traditional learning and textiles, development of self-confidence through public speaking and so much more. The end result is a student who has learned to think about a single concept in a multitude of ways, allowing them to draw on new methods of approaching ideas and challenges. 

Students up to Grade 9 experience an arts integrated education. They learn language arts, science, mathematics, social studies and other subjects in a process that deepens their understanding, while encouraging their creativity. Students will regularly use creative thought and creativity in their science and mathematics projects so that learning will be enhanced and offered an entirely new perspective.