Annual Appeal

Dear Urban Academy Community,

It is the time of year when the community rallies around the school to support its continued development.  This year, it is particularly relevant as we move forward in our new facility development – hence the name of this year’s Annual Appeal: ‘The Groundbreaker Appeal’.  You are part of a community of parents who are bringing a vision to life.  It is our hope that each family understands how vitally important donations are to the overall sustainability of the school as we move forward in offering and expanding our programs.  

Independent schools must raise additional funds to provide for the ‘extras’, the things that set our program apart.  Tuition Fees and Government Grants ensure the running of the program.  However, it is our Annual Appeal when the community comes together to help us stand behind our school in providing your children with supportive tools and experiences for both academic and creative endeavours. 

Over the past number of years your generous gifts have helped put the following equipment into classrooms: laptops, computers, iPads, athletic equipment, drama materials, directed reading programs, artists-in-residence, library books, musical instruments and science equipment. Teachers were better equipped to document learning, engage with their students, support inquiry units of discovery and showcase learning from around the world.  Students were also better able to research, discover, engage, perform and learn to the best of their abilities.  Thank you once again for your contribution that has changed how Urban Academy students participate in their education!

Our goal is significant: to raise $30,000 by January 29th 2017.  Your Board of Directions, as always, leads by example and will be kicking off the Appeal with their contribution to the Groundbreaker Appeal.  We are excited to promote this Appeal and hoping for 100% participation from our community.  We do appreciate that every family is in a different financial position so come be a part of this Appeal at whatever level you can. Donation amounts are confidential and equally appreciated, no matter the size.

Giving is truly a part of the Urban Academy culture, the culture that has attracted you to the school and a key value that we also teach your children.  It is also a culture that you have helped to build as you give your time and talent to support the community.  We teach our students that giving is not only for the recipient, but the giver as well.  The Appeal is an extension of this culture which would not exist without you. Please visit our donations page to donate today, and visit our wishlist to see the kinds of things that we'd love to put into the hands of UA students! Thank you for supporting our students and the legacy that you are helping create!  


Cheryle Beaumont,

Head of School

For further details, please review our  2016/2017 Annual Appeal Brochure.