Academic Achievement

When parents are considering the type of education that they would like for their child, there are many factors at play.  However, one of the underlying expectations is that the child will receive a high quality academic foundation that will position them for future success.  At Urban Academy, we believe that academic success is paramount in preparing students for life-long achievement.


Due to the small class sizes, Urban Academy teachers are able to assess students frequently and ensure that they are constantly involved in the learning process.  By involving the students, they find excitement in the subject matter and their desire to learn grows, thus impacting their academic achievement.

Urban Academy ensures the following skills are developed in all of our students to establish the foundation for academic achievement:

- the art of inquiry and discovery

- research skills & study habits

- self and peer assessment

- commitment & follow through

- respect & collaboration

- goal setting

In many subjects, rubrics (a set of criteria and standards linked to leanring objectives) are used to teach students about writing, math, reading, etc.  By clearly defining and setting out parameters that students can work towards, they are able to develop their skill and assess their own opportunities to grow. It is clear to students whether they are meeting the expectations for the subject and for their grade level.  Urban Academy staff use these tools to ensure students are being challenged appropriately and supported where needed.  The clarity also allows students to work on the skills they need to continue to grow in their success.

Regular assessments are conducted to identify educational success for Urban Academy students. From school wide writes that indicate language learning, to math competitions revealing aptitude in math, and the Foundation Skills Assessment that assess reading, writing and mathematics, the UA teaching staff are positioned to determine how students are doing and how to best support them for their ultimate academic success.  Recent results in internal assessments as well as FSA marks and Provincial Exam marks can be found here.

"To say that my son has done well at UA is an understatement!  He is far more interested in school academics and extra-curricular activities than he had ever been before.  The school has provided a nurturing, encouraging environment for him that focuses on his interests, goals, and strengths, helping him to flourish.  I honestly cannot express how happy we are!" ~ Parent of a Grade 11 UA student.