At Urban Academy we believe that education is most effective when students are truly engaged in their studies. There is a vibrancy in our classrooms as students connect learning to real life through the arts, technology, sciences and the great outdoors. The results speak for themselves: high academic achievement and talented, confident students well positioned to become the brightest innovators of tomorrow. We operate on the basis that every role and every student is important and we are fortunate to have a strong and committed community of parents walking alongside us. The future of Urban Academy is bright, and we are excited about what the coming months and years mean for our growing school!

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Our Head of School's Welcome Message

Choosing where and how your child pursues their education will direct the course of their lives. We are honoured by the presence of each Urban Academy student. This is why we care so much about creating the best experiences and environments that will nurture their development.

We work hard to ensure that every child has the best possible academic outcome, learns to be a committed global citizen, develops strength of character and achieves their own personal goals. Our students attain success in their own right – inspired by what they achieve at Urban Academy and motivated to never stop learning.

Achieving these successes is only possible through the work of a growing and talented staff. I am proud of our teachers who bring with them their own diverse skills and passions. With specialist training in everything from literacy, counselling, the arts and technology, our teachers weave a rich tapestry of education for our students. Their commitment to Urban Academy spans far outside the classroom and well beyond the workday.

Part of ensuring student success is creating a space that is as dynamic as our staff and students. We are building a brand new, urban school campus that will further enhance our programs. From technology and science labs to integrated outdoor spaces, learning here sets students up for their lives and careers in the real world.

Choosing Urban Academy is choosing a education with challenging academics complete with new opportunities and new experiences. In short, you will be setting your child up to optimize their learning potential. Please peruse our website and you will better understand how we nurture the future leaders of our world.

Best Wishes,

Cheryle Beaumont
Urban Academy
Head Of School

Our Mission

Our most important principles help us shape who we are, where we’re going and who we want to be.

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School Leadership

Urban Academy has a passionate Board of Directors who are committed to upholding our commitment to innovation and excellence.

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Campus Life

Creating an environment where students thrive is at the forefront of everything we do.

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Learning here extends well beyond regular class time, allowing students to cultivate their skills.

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When you’re ready to find out more, we'll be excited to answer every one of your questions.

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Admissions Process

We're developing the leaders of tomorrow and we're thrilled to have you on board.

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