About Us

Urban Academy was formed in 2001 from a desire to teach and develop each child in their entirety using the very best educational tools available.  We believe that education goes far beyond traditional classroom instruction and extends to all situations and experiences that the students are faced with.

Our foundation is that of collaboration.  What that means for our students is that teachers are constantly working with one another, the students and the family to ensure every child receives the most complete, individualized education possible.

We are passionate about learning, and approach education with a global perspective that enables students to leave school with a greater picture of the world, and compassion for their fellow students and citizens.  Urban Academy is often credited for turning out interesting and interested students who have a great awareness of community and strong conviction and opinions.

Our school has been experiencing considerable growth over the last number of years, however we are always able to meet with new, interested families.  So please contact us to explore a future with Urban Academy today.